Which Will It Be? A Hobart Meat Slicer Or The Alternative!

Having a good meat slicer in the house saves you a lot of trouble and money. A lot of people cure their own meat these days – so they know exactly what goes into it. And thereafter they have a tough time cutting it up into uniform slices. And if you seem to identify with this situation, then chances are that you are on the lookout for best meat slicer. And when it comes to kitchen appliances for the home or restaurant, Hobart is a household name. Today we are presenting 2 best meat slicer reviews – starting with the absolute best in the market – a Hobart meat slicer!

But if you just said, “Oh, but that’s just too expensive” then stay tuned because we actually have a cheaper alternative right at the end!

But let’s start with the…

Hobart EDGE12 – Medium Duty, Manual Slicer
Hobart EDGE12 – Medium Duty, Manual Slicer

Besides Hobart’s name and reliability, this meat slicer, the EDGE12, has a number of other things going for it… Check out some here:

Host of features

  • You can use this to slice meat, cheese and veggies.
  • Incorporates features that so far only much more expensive, industrial grade slicers have.
  • Half horse power motor allows for easy and quick blade action.
  • Large diameter of knife that turns at 370 revs/minute!
  • Makes clean precise slices of various thicknesses, up to 5/8th of an inch thick.
  • Very few moving parts, so guaranteed to be easier maintenance than most of its counterparts.
  • Comes with a preloaded blade sharpener – so you can sharpen the blade using the very same mechanism, just prior to using the slicer!

Now let’s look at its safety features…

Safety First

  • Comes with a ring guard that protects your hands from the blade while in operation and otherwise. This is permanently mounted so your fingers are always safe.
  • The gauge plate cannot be removed unless closed – so even when you take it apart for cleaning, the blade cannot hurt you.
  • It is built in such a way that even during the operation, your fingers never come close to the blades at all.

But that’s not all… the Hobart slicer is also…

Easy to clean

  • Hard anodized aluminum knife cover and carriage that will not get corroded in cleaning.
  • Quite a few of the parts that come in close contact with the food can actually be removed and submerged for easy cleaning.
  • The base can actually be removed and cleaned thoroughly, unlike a lot of other such slicers!

Overall, the Hobart EDGE12 meat slicer wins hands down against all other slicers, and you can get it express delivered to your house by ordering it at Amazon.

Hobart EDGE12 – Medium Duty, Manual Slicer
Hobart EDGE12 – Medium Duty, Manual Slicer

But if the over 1 grand price tag seems a little steep for you, then we actually have a cheaper option for you –

BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

Though the quality of this slicer doesn’t exactly or equally match the standard of Hobart, but for its price (a mere fraction of the Hobart) this one sure delivers. The entire assembly is made of stainless steel and it is low maintenance. Also it is easy to keep clean and works without making much noise.

In fact, for its price range, according to experienced customers on Amazon, it is actually a great buy:

absolutely love it

“Slices superbly
Slices everything with ease
With a normal screwdriver, can be easily taken apart for cleaning
Sharpening is a breeze
Manual is not as helpful as most would like; but Youtube videos on this and similar products are more than adequate
Best deal for the price!!!!”

Verified Purchase

In fact, even though it isn’t the same thing, it does incorporate quite a few features of the Hobart, and so if you weren’t up to spending a whole lot of money on a meat slicer, you can consider this as well…

BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

When it comes to meat slicers, the Hobart meat slicer, the EDGE12 is as close to commercial, fast and industrial grade as you can get – in your own kitchen. But from the price perspective, for those discouraged by its high price, the New 10” Blade Meat Slicer can be the next wise buy! So now it’s up to you to make the choice that suits you best!

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