Curly Fry Cutter: How to Sensationalize Your Recipes At Home

Don’t you just love those curly fries and stuff in the neighborhood diner? Restaurants love to inject aesthetic value to the food they serve to appeal to a highly visual market. People usually get attracted to some menu for their appearance first and to the taste, second. This is why many discerning Moms and Dads who love cooking invest in various kitchen essentials like the curly fry cutter.

Different Types of Curly Fry Cutters

Curly Fry Cutters

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There are, however, many types of curly fry cutter models in the market today. What used to be just a manual type wherein one has to make use of swivel handles to “curl” fruits and vegetables by hand, it has now evolved into a tech-savvy device which allows a cook to curl, julienne, dice, and slice in just a short amount of time with less effort exerted.

Electrical curly fry cutter like the PRESTO TaterTwister featured above has become the leading models today highly recommended for homes. Convenient and easy, it allows one to design garnishes and side dishes with gusto and style—at a short amount of time. No need to abuse those biceps, an electrical curly fry cutter is quite easy to use requiring not that much effort but simple pushing mechanism.

The Presto TaterTwister Electric Curly Fry Cutter

The Presto TaterTwister Electric Curly Fry Cutter

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One of the top curly fry cutter models in the market today, Presto TaterTwister Curly Cutter is known for its fancy cuts which take only a few seconds to make. This electrical curly cutter works like magic not just on potatoes but also on onions, zucchinis, sweet potatoes, apples, and other veggies and fruits usually used as fingerfoods, garnishing, or side dishes in parties.

Now, you can create fancy spiral cuts in curly scalloped and twisted designs to add more aesthetic value, fun and festive touch to your party buffets or everyday meals. If you have a picky eater at home, this fun design will make kids appreciate vegetables and fruits more even those with icky taste.

Easy and fast to use, the Presto TaterTwister is also easiest to clean. Simply wipe the motor base with a clean cloth and voila! Other parts can be easily washed with water.

How It Works?

Like other electrical curly fry cutter, the Presto TaterTwister is so easy to use. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet. Insert a potato, zucchini, radish, carrot, sweet potato, or any fruit or vegetable you wish to prepare into the disk at the center of the main cutter. Choose your cutting disk, insert the disc with the blade side facing down. Make sure to snap it into place before you lower it into the inner TaterTwister cradling the fruit or vegetable you wish to cut. Turn on the TaterTwister, place the inner white piece right-side-up with both handles within your grip. Push it firmly until it reaches the bottom. Once the inner piece is lowered to the bottom, turn off the switch, and take out the vegetable or fruit being cut.

This small but ultra convenient kitchen cooking appliance allows you to curl or create a spiral loop in seconds. Bake it. Cook it. Deep-fry it. You can basically serve it raw and fresh as a health fix.

Aesthetically Appealing Meals


Want to serve healthy foods to your family? Invest in a curly fry cutter. The Presto TaterTwister is definitely a good choice to add in your contemporary kitchen. Easy to use, clean and store, this allows more innovative ways of serving healthy fruits and vegetables to the whole family.