The Best Bread Slicer For That Perfect Slice Of Toast!

When it comes to slicing bread, the common problems we often face are...either the loaves tend to crumble, or we end up with slices that aren’t uniform. In both cases, the result is always less than satisfactory! And that is why most people choose to get a bread slicer. But we can tell you that not any slicer will do – because they may claim to be very effective, but quite a few of them fail! So when it comes to slicing bread in your house, we suggest you go for only the best bread slicer – and we have that one right here for you!

Bread Slicer Elite, Brushed Stainless Steel Guide and Maple Wood Bread Board

If you are looking for quality, good looks and exceptional efficiency in a single package then this is THE one that you need to have. If you have been using a plastic slicer or a wooden box (with totally unsatisfactory results) so far – then it’s time you threw those out.
Okay, so you may be asking why – and we will get to that right now!

  The wood is great!

The board is thick and durable maple – this not only looks good, but is also steady and perfect for use. In addition, the pretty grain finish makes for a classic addition to your kitchen!

No worries about the steel

The steel guide that is like an upside down U on the board is made of stainless steel, polished to a mirror like finish! Also this acts as the perfect guide for your knife going down and through your bread. It helps to keep the knife firmly in place so you get a straight cut each time.

  The perfect slice every time!

If you were used to bread being wavy, or thicker at the bottom and thin on top – which always made for bad toast. But never again – with this, each slice, each time, will be totally straight and uniform!

Well worth its price

It may be somewhat pricier than your other regular bread slicers, but every customer of this attests to the fact that it is worth more than the money you actually spend! And if you wanted a slightly cheaper one, then you can always go for the hickory board one – it may be a compromise on the looks, but it does cost less!

And we aren’t the only ones saying this – here’s what the customers at Amazon have had to say:

Beautiful bread slicer
“I am really happy with this bread slicer. The shipment came quickly, the slicer was in GREAT shape coming out of the box, and it works just beautifully. It's a wonderful device. Bread cuts cleanly and straight, and the design keeps the crumbs from going all over the counter.

You can tell that a lot of care and thought went into its making. It really shows. Everything is of high quality, and it looks great on the kitchen countertop.

The wood is substantial, smooth, and attractive, and this slicer has the heft and feel of a product that's durable and I'll have for many years.”


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You may be buying your loaves or making your bread at home. But either way, you need this – the best bread slicer you can get your hands on! Why? So you can have the perfect slice of bread – each time!

And to get this beautiful slicer for your kitchen, you need to make the most of Amazon’s super saver price and quick delivery!

Bread Slicer Elite, Brushed Stainless Steel Guide and Maple Wood Bread Board

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Bread Slicer Elite, Brushed Stainless Steel Guide and Maple Wood Bread Board
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