Blooming Onion Cutter – 2 Great Options Just For You!

Did you know that cutting onions is one of the most difficult things in the kitchen? Getting the shape and the thickness just right while your eyes water is pretty much next to impossible. But then sometimes you want to make appetizers with onions that will wow your guests and your family too… and it is at these times that you really could do with a blooming onion cutter, right?

Well, we have just the thing for you – in fact, we have brought you two great recommendations – and we will take a look at them one by one.

So here’s the first one that is on offer –

Great American Steakhouse Onion Machine
Great American Steakhouse Onion Machine

This cutter can be used to cut any kind of onion, in any shape that you wish. It is quite versatile and fun to work with, too!

You can use it to make some great appetizers. And thereafter, you can also disassemble the unit and put it away – that way no one gets to know how exactly you got those lovely shaped onions!

And this unit is also dishwasher safe – you don’t need to wash it by hand like some of the other units. All you have to do is put it in the dishwasher and your job’s done.

Plus, it comes with cookbooks – so you can rustle up new appetizers and amazing dishes any time you want.

Now this was product description – won’t you want to know what customers who bought and used it had to say? Here’s one snippet from what a customer said in a review—

Takes some practice but is great!

“It really does take some practice, but once you’ve got it down, you can cut like the one on the package. That’s not the hard part though. It can sometimes be very difficult to actually bread the thing and fry it, but that’s not really this products fault. Either way, if you want to make a cheap blooming onion, this is the way to go.”

-D. Lusk
Verified Purchase

So if you want the easiest option to make blooming onions then you know what it is that you need –

Great American Steakhouse Onion Machine
Great American Steakhouse Onion Machine

And now for the second unit that is on offer – we have brought you the…

Nemco N55700 Easy Flowering Blooming Onion Cutter – Onion Bloomer
Nemco N55700 Easy Flowering / Blooming Onion Cutter – Onion Bloomer

On Amazon, this unit is yet to have any reviews – but that is not to say that people do not use these. In fact, you could be astounded by the sheer search volume for this one single cutter.

This cutter is really a one of its kind device. Simple in operation and doesn’t take up much space either.
Plus it is made in America so you can rest assured about the quality. Now we do not have a review for you – but we do have something better – we have a video demonstration of how this unit is used and all you need to do is take a quick look to see just how steady and hardy it is in operation!

So get your Blooming onion cutter today
Great American Steakhouse Onion Machine

We do hope that you will find it a lot easier to get blooming onions now, especially if you’re a professional chef or just a home cook with a passion for rustling up good-looking dishes. And whichever cutter you choose – don’t have a single doubt about quality in your mind!

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