Rival Meat Slicer: Slices Your Food But Not Your Pocket!

If you spend hours poring over impeccably illustrated cookbooks and watching the fancy cookery shows on TV today, then you must have marveled at the amazing looking dishes that get turned out. In fact, even an avid cook (who doesn’t do any of the above) will agree that a great looking dish is half the satisfaction already. And do you know what is the one way to get a dish to look totally awesome? Get the ingredients sliced perfectly and uniformly! And today we have brought you a rival meat slicer that you can use for vegetable as well – that is going to help you to just that.

So, let’s take a look at this revolutionary product –

Rival 1042W Electric Food Slicer, White

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Here is a slicer that is touted as a meat slicer. But that isn’t its only claim to fame. When you get one in your kitchen you can use the same to slice just about anything – fruits, vegetables, meat and even bread!  And you have the option to determine just how thin you want your slices to be! So, now let’s take a look at the fine print – the things about this slicer that make it a worthy investment:

  • It is made out of durable and safe plastic that houses the blade and other cutting apparatus.
  • The dial that you use to adjust the thickness of slices is easy to turn and use.
  • The blade used for cutting is stainless – long lasting and will maintain its sharpness over time.
  • Pretty powerful at 75 watts so you can cut just about anything!
  • The cutter can easily be disassembled for easy cleaning as well as for proper nested storage. In fact, you can even chuck most of the parts in the dishwasher!
  • At 4 x 12 x 10 in, it is a very convenient and compact size for most kitchens.

And all that about the quality of the slicer – in terms of performance, it will definitely not disappoint you – and we will let the actual users convince you on that count. Check out some of the testimonials left by verified buyers on Amazon:

love this little slicer

“I really enjoy this slicer! It is great for slicing deli style ham and roast beef for sandwiches. Wonderful for slicing cabbage, and so fast and easy!!”

-K. Jackson, Milton,Fl. USA
Verified Purchase

And here’s another review…

Long lasting – good quality

“I bought this slicer about 15 years ago when it was mfg under the Krups name. It has lasted through countless hunks of turkey ham sliced for sandwiches as well as semi-frozen meat sliced for making jerky. It all comes apart for cleaning and is easily reassembled and stored in a clear plastic tub. The blade has remained sharp. The safety features are wonderful. I am buying them now to give as wedding gifts for all the newlyweds on my list. If mine breaks, I will buy another just like it.”

-Deb Karpen, Jefferson, SD USA
Verified Purchase

Yes, a few reviewers did say that you may need to be a little careful about taking it apart because it isn’t as steady or hardy as a number of other metal or other heavy duty industrial grade cutters. But then, those will set you back for over a 1000 bucks, whereas, this one come for just about a $100 or maybe a little more. That is seriously a bargain!

So, ready to get industrial grade fine slicing – but minus the serious hole in your pocket? Then this rival meat slicer (that you CAN use to slice just about anything in the kitchen) is going to be just the thing you need to order – and here’s exactly where you can order it from!

Rival 1042W Electric Food Slicer, White

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