Bring Creativity Into Your Kitchen With A Waffle Fry Cutter!

When you want to indulge in your creative faculties while preparing a dish, you need more than just a few good recipes. You need tools that will allow you to give life to the vision you have in your head – and one such tool is the waffle fry cutter. After all, what better way to instill your creativity in your meals than to start with the very veggies you use? And when the raw ingredients you use are so creatively ‘cut’, the rest of the preparation is definitely going to be a winner!

So you will want such a tool in your kitchen – because otherwise you will be missing out on a lot of fun ways to prepare your meals!

We won’t bore you with the details of what you can accomplish with this smart kitchen tool, but go straight into the two products that we’re featuring today. Here’s the first one for you—

The Swissmar Borner PowerLine Wave Waffle Cutter with Food Safety Holder is for those who are looking for a cutter that will just give vegetables cut in this style. In fact, you might come across mandolins that can multitask – but the one thing they miss is a waffle cutter. And for them, this unit is indispensible.

All you have to do is run the vegetables along the blades – with the safety holder in place – and in ten minutes, you can have your ‘waffle fries’ ready to cook.

Swissmar Borner PowerLine Wave Waffle Cutter with Food Safety Holder
Swissmar Borner PowerLine Wave Waffle Cutter with Food Safety Holder

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So it’s goodbye frozen waffle fries! Hello to waffle cuts – with this perfect little waffle cutter.
Now to take a look at the features that make this unit such a great buy –

  • It offer six different cuts – so what if it is just a single unit – you still get waves, French fries and waffle cuts.
  • The ergonomic shape makes for comfortable usage – the easy grip won’t even let you feel any pressure.
  • The “click” system lets you change the insert in seconds.
  • And once the unit is ready to operate, the safety lock ensures you cut your waffle fries smoothly, safely and quickly.
  • The blades are sharp – so even the toughest vegetable will not be a problem.

We have just highlighted a few of the features – but you will get a lot more info if you go through the product reviews on Amazon, those who have left reviews are the ones who will give you the real deal on this unit…and here’s one such –

Easy Waffle Fries!

“I really loved this product; I no longer have to buy frozen waffle fries in the store. It was difficult to make the fries at first but the key is to turn your hand at angle and slice and then the other way. Depending on the angle it will determine if you had a tight pattern or a lose pattern….It cleans very well and is easy to store.”

-Katrina Moses
Verified Purchase

As you can probably tell already, this waffle fry cutter is a great item to have in your kitchen. Be it parties, or the kids having a sleepover – you can impress any and everyone. So why wait…and why not polish your creative spurt with the — Swissmar Borner PowerLine Wave Waffle Cutter with Food Safety Holder!

Now you might be a cautious buyer – not quite ready to settle on any one product till you compare and find a few more units for reference. Well, we make your job easier too…we have brought you another great buy – this time from Borner!

Swissmar Borner PowerLine Wave Waffle Cutter with Food Safety Holder
Swissmar Borner PowerLine Wave Waffle Cutter with Food Safety Holder

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Wondering what’s so special about Borner? Well, they manufacture state-of-the-art kitchen tools and have been in the business for five decades already.  They actually produce some of the best waffle fry cutters and the Swissmar Borner V-1001 V-Slicer Plus Mandoline is one of their finest specimens.

And why have we included this unit here? Apart from the most obvious reason, this one is actually a multitasker. It can function both as a waffle cutter as well as a mandolin. So if the previous unit didn’t quite satisfy you on this count, this one surely will!

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Swissmar Borner V-1001 V-Slicer Plus Mandoline

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Let’s take a look at the most discerning features of this waffle cutter—

  • This too comes with 3 different blades and is made of durable plastic.
  • The additional perks are the safety feature and the storage unit with locking clip that locks into place.
  • The different slicing blades ensure that you get waffles of different sizes and thickness. Plus you can cut juliennes with this cutter too.
  • The unit has been manufactured in Germany and the blades are made of surgical grade steel – they are famous worldwide.
  • The highly efficient food safety holder ensures complete safety when working with this cutter.

There are many more features that make this product a great buy – you will know about them when you go through the customer reviews on Amazon – we can only bring you one such review –

Beats everything else!

“It has been a great investment and has paid for itself, many times over. I use it more often than any other gadget in my kitchen. Clean up is simple, just rinse and store in back in its holder, it drips dry with no rusting and the blades are still super sharp after being used pretty much daily since November of 1999.”

-Martha A. Barton “modgrrrl”
Verified Purchase

By now you must have realized that even if you haven’t used a waffle fry cutter before, you will have absolutely no issues with this one. Plus, if you were to go by the number of customer reviews…this product has already WOWED 1000+ customers – surely it will please you too!

So don’t wait and watch – but get to Amazon and get your own –

Swissmar Borner V-1001 V-Slicer Plus Mandoline

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