The Best Mandoline Slicer – Makes The Cook Look Better!

Whether you’re a professional chef, or a simple homemaker, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a mandoline slicer that will make your meals look yummier! And we have brought you one from Japan – in fact, users have recommended this slicer as the best mandoline slicer.

Of course we won’t just go by this – and so we passed this mandoline slicer under the scanner and this is what we came up with— it is indeed a great piece of utility. So let’s take you through all the info we discovered so that by the end of this page, you will also be convinced that this is indeed the best of the best!
So without further ado – introducing the:

Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer

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Now, we understand that most people are rather apprehensive about zeroing on their mandoline slicers and would like to get a few queries out of the way…and for them we have collected and compiled a list of queries that most people ask:

  1. How thick are the slices that come out after using the straight blade?A professional chef answers that the slices can be anywhere between paper thin to the thickness of an average pickle chip. In fact, another reviewer says that the slice thickness can be adjusted with the help of a knob at the side of the mandoline.
  2. Can this mandoline make juliennes?Again, the answer to this is there are three blades that have teeth to be able cut juliennes. So this mandoline truly is a multitasker – one which every homemaker or chef would love to own.
  3. Can you replace the blades once they have lost their sharpness?Yes, you can – all you have to do is Google the model number and you will get locations near your home where you can get the blades. Plus, Amazon can provide the blades for this model.

Now moving on to the actual product—you must have already figured out that the unit is quite a bargain, and indeed it is. But here are several merits of this unit that we chose to highlight, because we thought they would help you make an informed decision once you’re prepared to place your order.

  • The mandoline can give you cuts of various widths.
  • Any firm vegetable can be sliced into paper thin sheets or thick fry like slices.
  • Any professional will want to own this because the quality of the cuts is simply A1.
  • There are three blades –the fine toothed blade for the finer cuts, the medium-toothed blade for ingredients for a stir-fry and the coarse toothed blade for the chunky fries.
  • It also comes with safety devices that protect your fingers as you work up a storm in the kitchen with your vegetables and fruits.

Need more affirmation about the quality of this mandoline? Nothing beats the customer testimonials on this account and here we have brought you one such – you can check out the remaining 300+ reviews on Amazon.

Awesome Slicer!

“I love using this for slaws with beets, carrots, and red cabbage. It is nice for slicing garlic as well. Like the other reviews state, you’re probably bound to draw blood at least once with this tool, but if you hold your vegetables correctly and don’t force it too much, you should be safe. They are cheaper than this at your local Asian market and on eBay.”

-Forrest O. “webmaker”

What more do you need for a mandoline slicer to be rated the best?

Indeed, if you think that you will make a difference to your veggie ‘presentation’ and wow your family and customers, then this is the mandoline slicer to have.

Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer

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Slice with confidence with the best mandoline slicer!