Get That Perfect Salsa With The Best Tomato Dicer In Town!

Best tomato Dicer for salsa? I have spent hours and hours on the Internet to find the best tomato dicer that will make perfect tomato cubes. Yes I’m finicky about it. Many people don’t know the difference between salsa and salsa fresco (Pico de Gallo). While salsa is mostly cooked and soup like, actual salsa fresco is made of perfectly diced fresh tomato with salt and lime squeezed in.

Curious (or in a hurry)?

If you are on a budget and want perfect cubes each time for your salsa, this is what I use to slice the tomatoes , then I use this tool to get perfect tomato cubes from the slices.

I have bought and tried several which I have shared below in detail, but when it comes to the perfect tomato cubes for salsa this is the combination tool that has worked best for me

Update: If you have a higher budget, this is the hands down winner for best tomato dicer (chopper) I have found.It looks comical but it does a great job of dicing perfect tomato dicing along with other veggies. Check out the reviews, features and price here.

Earlier I used this combination of tools for perfect tomato dicing.
Now I’ve got this winner which is great for my salsa parties!

I like tomato and have tried several tomato cutters and choppers in my research to find the perfect tool to dice tomato and will share all here in this page and also show you what I use now as the best tool to dice tomato.

If you don't care about the perfection about your salsa , just quarter the tomatoes and pulse a few times with a good food processor. That works too. But for my salsa parties I’m looking for the perfect diced tomatoes 🙂

What is the best tomato dicer and Chopper ?

As I mentioned above, in my quest for the best tool to chop tomatoes I’ve first tried this one..


This tool is easy to wash so salad making is easy. But the problem is it can slice small size cherry tomatoes. If you are looking for a tool that will slice and dice bigger tomatoes this is not the right tool for you.

So while searching for a good tomato slicer with a firm grip I found this one.

It works well if you are looking for perfect slices for burgers and works nicely on a soft tomatoes as well as firm ones as long as you have a good tomato slicing knife like this one But if you are looking for a tool that dices perfect tomato cubes for salsa here’s what you will need...

What tool do I use to chop tomatoes for salsa?

Well when it comes to salsa I want my tomato chunks to be perfect cube and for me the combination of these two tools work best.

Step 1: I get perfect slices of tomato with this V shaped mandolin slicer I have. It has a holder piece to put such as tomatoes, onion, on it so that when they get too small to hold so you don't cut your fingers.

Step 2: Once I’ve got the perfect slices I use this great tomato chopper to dice the tomatoes to get the perfect cube.

Is this the best tomato chopper so far so far? I think I have found the perfect one. Read the reviews of others who have purchased it from Amazon and make your decision.

This is what it looks like when I've used the combination of 2 tools. And in budget too!

What is the single best tomato dicer (chopper) for salsa?

Look what I’ve found. The video below shows how the tomatoes and other vegetables are cut into perfect cubes.

In my opinion this is the winner for the best tomato dicer for salsa. Though the price is on the higher side but given that you just put the tomatoes (and any other veggies in )n, turn the crank, out comes perfectly cubed veggies! And it is very easy to clean too. The medium size works best for tomatoes as per one of the customer review here.

Which is the best commercial tomato dicing machine (for restaurant and home also)?

As for the best industrial tomato dicer my research and the consumer reports shows this to be the best in the market at present.

Watch the video to see how easy it is and why the buyers says it is the best commercial tomato dicing machine.

It’s made up of durable and stainless materials (steel, aluminum, rubber). It does the heavy lifting and is perfect if you are a food trucker or restaurant owner looking for a industrial and commercial grade tomato dicer. Only thing is you may find it a bit difficult to clean but here’s how Ali has found a solution for easy cleaning.

Is Electric Tomato dicer available?

In my search I've come across this one...

It has a push power button and comes with 5 different blades and cuts, dice, slice vegetables in different shapes easily. Read about the special feature, review and price here

Does it dice tomatoes well? I have not used it myself and don’t have first hand experience. Check out the customer reports and decide if this is the one you want.

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