How many times have you set up a cutting board with vegetables for your kids to slice, chop, dice or julienne? It’s one of the most exciting and fun bonding moments in a family but it can easily turn into a disaster without proper precautions in place.

Knives can be fatal when not used properly or without guidance from an adult. The idea is that children should not use a kitchen knife ALONE and to properly store those blades in a kitchen knife lock box for safety.

Knife Safety

Over the years, knife storage comes in various styles and design. From traditional
knife blocks to in-drawer or magnetic strips, problems still crop up in various households particularly those with curious tots. Toddlers from age 2 tend to mimic their parents prepping a meal. They can accidentally draw a sushi knife out of a cabinet out of curiosity and end up hurting themselves or someone else. It may sound far-fetch but it can happen.

Joseph Joseph Self Locking Universal Knife Block
Joseph Joseph Self Locking Universal Knife Block

This makes knife safety a priority. Instead of simply covering or storing knives, locking them up to prevent easy access can make a lot of difference. So, how will you choose knife storage that espouses safety without sacrificing convenience and ease of access? Perhaps, the Joseph Joseph Self Locking Universal Knife Block (see above) can do wonders to your kitchen.

The Self-Locking Advantage

It’s so easy to just lock up your knives inside a drawer when not in use. But can you imagine losing or misplacing those keys just when you’re about to prepare a meal? How about drawer lock which a 3-year old can deconstruct given time and force of curiosity? For parents with young children, the Joseph Joseph Self Locking Universal Knife Block promises convenience, ease of access and safety, all rolled into one.

The Joseph Joseph Self Locking Universal Knife Block
Joseph Joseph Self Locking Universal Knife Block

First, you got the feel of a traditional wooden knife block. Instead of tucking them inside a drawer where you may accidentally hurt yourself rummaging for the right blade, all your knives- chef’s, carver, boning, paring, sushi, butcher’s, etc– can be stored in a single block. This kitchen knife lock box can then, be perched on your kitchen countertop away from a child’s prying eyes and hands.

Designed to secure the blades inside the block, its unique locking mechanism makes it harder for children to remove one. To pull out, they need to firmly press the release button on the sides which can be hard to tackle for children with small hands. The unique cam-lock mechanism is designed for adult hands thus, children won’t gain access to them even when they drop it or pull them by force.

The knife blades also come protected with a smooth rubber surface. This rubberized cam-lock system even protect the blades when slid inside the box. Simply wipe the blade dry before lodging it inside its slot and voila! It’s safely stored in the knife block ready for its next meal prepping routine.

Joseph Joseph Self Locking Universal Knives Block
Joseph Joseph Self Locking Universal Knife Block

Now, you can breeze your way in the kitchen even with a child in tow. A good kitchen knife lock box like the Joseph Joseph LockBox will definitely of help. This affordable kitchen gear may seem simple but can mean a lot when it comes to child-proofing your cooking space. Often, ordinary things like storage for kitchen utensils are overlooked by households only to grit their teeth in rue when something untoward happens. So, be prepared. Make safety a priority in your kitchen with a  Joseph Joseph Self Locking Universal Knife Block.

Kitchen Knife Lock Box: Accident Proofing Your Kitchen