How To Eat Yogurt For Breakfast (And lose weight Non-Boring Way)

Well, all of us have heard – “Breakfast like a king….” but health issues along with bodyweight have made me think: how to have a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast yet not go overboard. After reading through several expert opinions and trying it out for several months I have found my answer.

The answer definitely is YOGURT for breakfast cause it contains the necessary nutrients, is well-balanced, low in calories but provides enough energy needed to carry on with the morning activities. Now the question arises, how to eat yogurt for breakfast? The probiotics present in them is the bonus. Also, the possibility of combining it with various other superfoods makes it healthier. So energy and nutrition minus obesity – that is what makes it ideal for we need.

how to eat yogurt for breakfast

Importance of Nutritious and well-balanced breakfast

When talking about how to eat yogurt for breakfast, we all need a nutritious and well-balanced breakfast requires no further affirmation. Now the question comes – what should be the qualities that will make the breakfast a nutritious and well-balanced?

For one, it should contain fruit with or without vegetables, wholegrain cereals, and definitely dairy products, as all these will make it rich, both in carbohydrates and proteins. The density of nutrients should be enough to provide energy steadily throughout the morning till noon. The nutrition part is extremely important as it has been found to have a direct link with our cognitive, academic and psychosocial performances. A proper breakfast is the first step in controlling obesity and overweight.

What makes yogurt the perfect choice for your breakfast?

Yogurt contains high-quality protein, is very energetic, has all the necessary nutrients but is low in calories. There ends the fear of your becoming overweight. It is a good source of vitamins and calcium, but the best part of it is the presence of live culture – the probiotics.

These probiotics add on to the gut microbiota that helps in your digestion. Presence of good microbes in your alimentary canal means an end to all digestive disorders like heartburn/GERD, bloating, all kinds of inflammatory bowel diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, and definitely diarrhea.

Well, this sums up the benefits of including yogurt in breakfast. But that is not all. It is definitely a tasty way to start your day as you have the freedom to combine it with various toppings to make each morning a new one.

Best time to eat yogurt

Eating yogurt in breakfast is most helpful as morning is the time you need nutrients the most and the nutrients in yogurt get absorbed and utilized by the body optimally only when you have yogurt in breakfast.

Why should we eat yogurt daily?

Yogurt is a superfood. Lactobacillus bulgaricus is a bacterium which cannot be found in any food other than yogurt. This bacterium controls bowel movements and also fights gut infections. Moreover, yogurt is a must for persons on antibiotics as the latter not only kill the harmful bacteria in our bodies but also kill the good ones. And yogurt, rich in probiotics, is the ultimate source of these good bacteria.

Yogurt helps us to produce Vitamin B in our bowels which protect us from autoimmune and neural diseases. It is also helpful for people suffering from blood sugar problems. As yogurt is slowly absorbed in our bowels it does not increase our blood sugar levels suddenly.

The lactic acid in yogurt makes the bowel environment acidic, stopping the formation of cancerous cells. Thus it is an immune booster. Also, calcium absorption is optimized by yogurt.

How much yogurt can we eat in one day?

When answering, how to eat yogurt for breakfast, 3 cups of low-fat yogurt of the unsweet variety are ideal for daily consumption

How does yogurt assist in weight loss?

Yogurt, the low-fat variety, is a good source of protein but contains fewer calories. The body uses a lot of energy to digest the huge protein content. This causes more calorie burnout thus decreasing appetite and helping in weight loss. Also, the hunger pangs are lessened throughout the day. But the only rider is to opt for the no-sugar variety.

Which yogurt is best for weight loss?

Sugar-Free Yogurt does not contain refined sugar like sucrose or honey but the protein and fat content is intact, there is no dearth of energy.

Nonfat Yogurt made from skimmed milk is low in calories as the fat content is less. But, it lacks useful vitamins like A and D and in the absence of fat is a bit thin and bland. With the fat removed and no extra protein added you will also not feel full and will keep on looking for more food which will ultimately make you gain weight.

Now comes the full-fat yogurt. At times, research has shown that full-fat yogurt helps in losing weight faster than the low-fat variety. But the actual reason could be the added sugar to make the low-fat versions more palatable.

Can I eat yogurt in empty stomach?

Now this is a serious question. It has been proven beyond all means that yogurt is the go-to food when it comes to breakfast. But, then again, research shows that having it in the empty stomach kills the lactic acid present in yogurt making it less effective.

Greek yogurt For Weight Loss

Greek yogurt is prepared from milk curds by straining whey and other liquid thus leaving a yogurt more creamy and definitely nourishing and tasty. As the protein content is high, metabolic rate increases causing fewer hunger pangs. It is also an excellent source of calcium and good fat.

Full-fat Greek yogurt helps in weight loss. The conjugated linoleic acid present aids in fat loss and reduces the risk of breast cancer. This type of yogurt being a good source of probiotic promotes gut health.

Is full-fat Greek Yogurt Keto?

Plain Greek yogurt is rich in protein and though there is some carbohydrate, yet it can fit in a keto diet as it gives a feeling of fullness and leads to reduced appetite.

What to combine with Yogurt and Why

The bland and slimy feel of yogurt keeps many people away from it. But, for me, the blandness is its trump card as we can combine it with different kinds of foods to change its texture, flavor, and color. Just by changing the topping every day you can change the entire feel and taste.

How to eat yogurt for breakfast with Berries

There are umpteen kinds of berries available – blue, rasp, straw, black – thus giving you the opportunity to create innumerable combinations. Also, berries are superfoods – packed with antioxidants (anthocyanins), low in sugar, high fiber content. The medical benefits include aging gracefully, protecting your heart, keeping the lining of blood vessels healthy, preventing oxidization of blood cholesterol and much more. Not to count for the yummy tastes.

Yogurt with Nuts Benefits

How are nuts good options? They make you feel full preventing weight gain. Though nuts contain a lot of calories, our bodies do not absorb all of it. Also, it has been proven that nuts decrease insulin resistance, blood sugar, cholesterol, and inflammation. Nuts are rich in potassium and magnesium and some like Brazil nuts are the best source of Selenium. And the best part is nuts add crunch and flavor to your yogurt making it scrumptious.

Yogurt with Fruits

How do fruits hep a serving of yogurt? It makes it nourishing and delectable. Most fruits possess potassium, fiber, vitamins and yet are low in calories. Again the citrus varieties are rich in vitamin C. Also fruits with their high water and fiber contents are quite filling. Antioxidants in fruits reduce the risks of diseases.

Yogurt with Flaxseeds Benefits

The health quotient of flaxseeds is just incredulous. The high protein and fiber content gives a full feeling for a long time. These seeds reduce blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity and protects against breast cancer.

Can We Combine Banana With Yogurt?

This is a good combination as the high protein of yogurt and the potassium in bananas help to rebuild amino acids and build muscle. So this can be the ideal breakfast for the gym enthusiasts.

A Few Non-Boring Ways to have yogurt in breakfast

Here are 7 yogurt recipes to help you get started:

1) Yogurt Topped with Passion Fruit

Yogurt Topped with Passion Fruit

Soak oats overnight. Add it along with fresh passion fruit to your yogurt. It will be a fine combination of vitamin A & C, antioxidants and potassium. Not only will you feel full longer, but it will also keep your blood pressure down.

2) Yogurt the tropical way

Yogurt the tropical way

Cut a kiwi and half banana and put these as toppings on Greek yogurt. Further, add unsweetened coconut flakes or chopped unsalted roasted cashews.

3) Yogurt with Chia Peanut Butter

Yogurt with Chia Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter and yogurt together is a powerhouse of protein. Add to it chia seeds, toffee crunch or pumpkin seeds as delicious toppings to make it crunchy. Berries or bananas can also be added to make the food more appetizing.

4) Greek Yogurt layered with fruits


You need mason jars. Fill them with alternate layers of fruit and Greek yogurt. Cover the jars and store them in the fridge. Enjoy it next morning – just splendid.

5) Yogurt with roasted rhubarb

Yogurt with roasted rhubarb

Just top your yogurt with roasted rhubarb along with other ingredients like bananas, berries, and peanut butter to make it savory.

6) Yogurt with blueberry and granola

Yogurt with blueberry and granola

The blueberries and yogurt of this recipe make it protein and vitamin-rich while the granola keeps you satiated.

7) Yogurt with mixed berries

Yogurt with mixed berries

This particular yogurt recipe combines cereals with mixed berries like raspberries and blueberries. Banana added to the yogurt makes it rich in vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. Let us know how you liked it.