Globe Meat Slicer: A Convenient And Efficient Buy!

Slicing meat isn’t exactly an easy job. You may imagine that butchers use large meat knives to do the job – but the fact is that a cleaver is only good for cutting chunks. When it comes to making slices of meat, even a professional needs a meat slicer. And while there are many available in the market, there are a few factors to keep in mind. We will get to those now, before we finally take you to the Globe meat slicer.

The real industrial grade cutters are usually pretty expensive and may not fit most domestic budgets. But when it comes to cheaper counterparts, they aren’t always very well built. This will mean that for tough pieces of meat, these aren’t likely to be very efficient. In fact, if pushed too hard, they may even get damaged. So how does one solve the problem? By getting a good meat slicer that fits within your budget and is well built. And the one we have for you today falls into that category – let’s take a look:

Globe G12 12” G-Series Manual Food Slicer
Globe G12 12” G-Series Manual Food Slicer

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While this cutter isn’t one of those weak plastic ones that will conk out after a few uses, it isn’t as heavy or expensive as the industry grade deli cutters. It is a manual slice, in which you can adjust the thickness of the meat. Then as the motor turns the very sharp blade at high speed, you carefully slide the meat along. And in the process, it gets sliced.

Here are its other attributes:

  • Comes with a mounted sharpener that keeps the blade in top shape.
  • The blade is anodized aluminum that comes with radius corners and seamless edges.
  • The knife cover interlocks for added protection.
  • The knife is well built and 9 inches in diameter.
  • Adjustable thickness up to 9/16th of an inch.
  • Also contains a gravity feed food chute that can be removed for easy cleaning and use.

Overall, this is a great slicer to have – especially more since you can use it for pretty much anything – but cheese. And while there are no reviews on Amazon quite yet, we can vouch for the product by the sheer number of people who have looked it up and bought it.

And why don’t you also give it a shot – once you’ve found out just how great this works, you could just go ahead and be the first reviewer!

So, what are you waiting for? Does this Globe meat slicer suit your needs? Then go and order it…

Globe G12 12” G-Series Manual Food Slicer
Globe G12 12” G-Series Manual Food Slicer

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