Electric Heavy Duty Meat Grinder: A Must-Have In Your Kitchen

Ever wonder why many homemakers prefer buying an electric heavy duty meat grinder? Buying ground meat straight from ready-to-cook grocers may be the easiest option when prepping for hamburger patties or sausages or baking a meaty lasagn, but are you sure what goes in them? Yes, you can cut them up by hand but the efforts exerted can be excruciating. Why not buy an electric heavy duty meat grinder thats portable and convenient for you to use?

Grinding your own meat allows you to handpick the best parts to use. Some pre-packed ground meat like pork may come with fatty deposits which can ruin your dish. Using your own meat grinder at home also ensures that it’s fresh and, in that sense, safe and healthy for your kids. It also gives you the freedom to stuff vegetables, herbs and spices, and other ingredients for your unique recipe. Truly, it’s a wise investment for every household!

Top Electric Heavy Duty Meat Grinders

When planning to buy one, we’ve handpicked three (3) highly recommended electric meat grinder for you to choose from.

1. The Kitchener 52021250R #12 Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

When it comes to heavy duty meat grinder, the Kitchener Brand never fails to impress. One of its jawbreaking model that makes way into many kitchens across the globe is the Kitchener 52021250R #12, a 2/3HP or50-watt heavy duty electric meat grinder that can pulp up to 330lbs of meat per hour via its steel gear-driven mechanism. Roughly, that’s around 5.5lbs per minute. You can also set the motor in 3 speed modes-- grind, stuff or reverse-- easing your way to work on your recipe. Made with durable metal gears and stainless steel blade, it guarantees fine ground meat and service that lasts for years-- and a fast one at that.

The Kitchener 52021250R #12 also comes with a removable stainless steel meat pan for a no-mess grinding experience. It is rustproof and also comes with a waterproof switch ensuring your safety during handling even with wet hands. Also, it has a circuit breaker preventing overheating with continued use. The grinder also comes with stuffing tubes and meat stomper accessories making them perfect for making sausages and patties. This one is designed for prolific meat grinders, particularly when preparing for get-togethers or when planning a small sausage-making business at home.

2. The Kitchener 52020871 #8 Elite

Another excellent option from the Kitchener brand is the The Kitchener 52020871 #8 Elite, a 1/2HP or 370-watt electric meat grinder that delivers around 240lbs of meat per hour. Still constructed with the same rust-proof stainless steel grinding blade and plates, stuffing tubes, this heavy-duty meat grinder makes the task truly easy. Now, you can simply buy slabs of meat from your favorite grocers and grind them at the convenience of your home.

It is best to note that the The Kitchener 52020871 #8 Elite Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Electric Meat Grinder also features 3 speed modes-- grind, reverse and stuff. It also comes with a removable stainless steel meat pan that prevents messing up your kitchen. Switch is also waterproof and rust-proof, and a circuit breaker is integrated into the system for safety. This one makes a great ally to parents who want to serve healthy meals to their families.

3. Betitay Electric Meat Grinder

The Betitay brand is quite well-known for their coffee grinders and meat grinders. This 500-watt meat grinder above is astoundingly designed with perfection in mind. Think about 304 stainless steel housing that comes fully equipped with a 1800-watt lock power and 500-watt rater power metal motor gear, and an advanced copper motor protection system as well as circuit breaker for safety. Add to that its stainless steel cutting knife and you have one awesome meat grinder that can last for years.

With its 3 types of meat mincing-- coarse, medium or fine grind-- it leaves no doubt that multifunctionality is the name of the Betitay Electric Meat Grinder game. With this, you can easily create stuffing and filling made not just from meat but also from fish, vegetables, herbs and spices, and so on. Add to that the accessories included-- 3 cutting plates, sausage attachment, kibbe maker, cutting blade, food pusher, and hopper plate-- all dishwasher friendly. It is also best to note that this meat grinder emits low noise level even when powered on high. Want more? The Betitay brand has recorded a 99.7percent customer approval rate in the last 5 years!

The Verdict

Without a doubt, buying your own electric heavy duty meat grinder is one of the wisest investments you’ll make in ensuring safe food handling and health of your household. So take your pick from any of the 2 models from the Kitchener brand or from powerhouse Betitay and start grinding your meat the convenient and healthy way. With any of these meat grinders, your loved ones can finally enjoy homemade ground meat dishes to the hilt.

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