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3 Plant Based Recipes for Diabetes (For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

When my sister who has been suffering from diabetes for last 15 years gradually transitioned to a plant-based, whole-food lifestyle it brought a huge change in her life. Following a plant based diet not only dramatically improved her blood sugar it gave her a tonne of energy and reduced her insulin intake as much as…

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AIP Banana Pancake Recipe Without Eggs (Illustrated with Pictures)

Are you missing pancakes in your AIP diet? Try this banana pancake recipe without eggs. You will not feel much difference. AIP Banana Pancake Recipe Without Eggs PREP TIME 15 mins EASY SERVES 2-3 Banana, maple syrup, coconut milk, avocado oil, gelatin maple syrup makes an excellent AIP Banana Pancake Recipe Without Eggs. Wet Ingredients…