Calling All Meat Lovers – 3 Top Commercial Meat Slicers for 2020!

If you’re a meat person, you will want to have a commendable meat slicer at home – and not the common low quality stuff. They don’t cut the meat, they butcher it – and that is not what you want. What you want is a meat slicer that will deliver with the least bit of mess and a great deal of efficiency…and to have that you will have to invest in a good commercial meat slicer by following all tips guided here for selection.

Where to look for them?

No worries, we won’t send you on a wild goose chase – instead, we have brought you the top 3 meat slicers in the market – right here!

So here’s the first one for you –

#1: PRIMO PS-10 Anodized Aluminum Meat Slicer

PRIMO PS-10 Anodized Aluminum Meat Slicer

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This meat slicer comes with a 10″ diameter blade that is motor powered and therefore quite effective in cutting meat. You can even adjust the cut size and thickness between 0 and 10mm.

The slicer is bound to get drenched in water or even juice from the meat – and so it is made of corrosion resistant anodized aluminum.
The slicing carriage is removable – and can be cleaned quite easily. There is a built in sharpener, plus a ring guard to make it safe for use. And it is quiet in operation, unlike many other units – because of the perma-lubricated carriage ball bearings.

Now to take a look at what the people who have used this unit have experienced – their reviews play a crucial role in your decision after all –

Here is what one customer has to say—

Great investment!

“This is a great medium duty meat slicer and if you are like me and like to have lunch meat in your house and go through a lot of it every month then a meat slicer is a great investment because buying meat already sliced is expensive and you can save on average 3-4 dollars a pound. This meat slicer is sharp when it arrives and works very well. It can be a little difficult to clean but you will have no trouble if you read the instructions that come with it.”

-Tim. H
Verified Purchase

So if this meat slicer is just what you need for your kitchen, don’t spend time thinking too much – after all, many people have liked it already and are using it…you could give it a try too!

And now we can move on to the next unit that we have here for you … so you can be thorough in your research before you make your final decision.

#2: Chef’sChoice 607 Premium Electric Food Slicer with Tilted Food Carriage

Chef’sChoice 607 Premium Electric Food Slicer with Tilted Food Carriage

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Made of stainless steel and cast aluminum, this is one hardy unit – great for versatile meat cutting. The multi-purpose stainless steel blade can cut through a variety of foods, and not just meat.
All the individual components are easy to clean –

  • Blades
  • Food pusher
  • Food carriage
  • Food deflector etc.

A special button will secure that food carriage in a lock position so that there are no accidents.

Like we did with the previous product, it is time to take a look at the reviews left for this one too – and we cannot possibly get you all 200+ reviews, but here is a quick look at what one customer had to say—

Best on the market!

“I read all the reviews for most of the brand name meat slicers. Amazon makes it very easy to do this since they offer so many brands and models of brands, along with consumer reviews…

What I did find was the Chef’s Choice offered almost ‘frictionless’ operation of the slider that carries the meat across the blade. No other brand was as easy to move. The Chef’s Choice also has a ‘slider lock’ that locked the slider over the blade, a definite safety and storage feature. Few of the others offered this. The Chef’s Choice also appeared to be just better built with more metal and less plastic in the ‘structural’ parts of the unit. The Chef’s Choice Model 615 (unavailable locally) also features a little heavier motor than the Model 610, and most other brands in the same price range.

I finally settled on the Chef’s Choice Model 615, mainly based on the larger motor and the quality of the Chef’s Choice brand overall.”

– Charles Stembridge
Verified Purchase

So if you feel that this is the one – and that you are definitely going to give this a try – then hurry and place your order ASAP…while stocks still last!

Now you could be wanting to take a look at another unit before finally deciding between the three – so here it is…

#3: BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

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This heavy duty cutter can be used anywhere starting from the butcher shop to your kitchen. The heavy duty stainless steel blade can more or less cut through meat of any thickness.

And the unit is easy to clean and maintain too. It is known for its quiet and efficient operation. And it is so powerful that it cuts the meat without breaking down muscle fiber structure – so you get the best cuts.

You will get a lot more detailed account of the features on Amazon.

But for now, to turn to product reviews that customers who have already bought this product have to say— here is what one customer has written—

Quiet, powerful, the real deal!

“I would recommend this to anyone who wants a slicer for slicing large amounts of meat. I sliced two deer roasts and two homemade ham loins all at the same time. 8 lbs. total in less than 10 minutes. Then froze into half pound packs for the kid’s lunches. Just thaw them as you need them. The reason for doing large amounts is that it is a chore to clean. I expected that. After 4 or 5 times you’ll get the hang of it and I can clean it in 15 minutes. I do the cooked meat first then raw venison or beef last, that way the cooked food isn’t contaminated. This is heavy, a little difficult to store because of its size, and a little cumbersome to take apart. But my kids will inherit it someday, it’s built to last. We feel much healthier eating homemade lunch meat without … additives in it. … Just get it you won’t regret it. I looked at slicers for 5 years before I picked this one-no regrets.”

Verified Purchase

If this is the one that you have finally settled for then you will just have to head over to Amazon and get your order placed. The rest will be taken care of by Amazon…

We have given you three great commercial meat slicer options – now all that’s left is to look up each of these individually and get your order in place. We promise that with these slicers, you won’t regret the investment. So what do you say – ready to give these a try?

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