Discover the Best Brie Cheese Wine Pairing for Tasty Evenings

If you are looking for an upgrade to your wine and cheese night, you have come to the right place. Brie Cheese Wine Pairing is an excellent way to enhance your tasting experience and create a memorable evening. In this article, we will guide you through the world of Brie Cheese Wine Pairing and help you find the perfect wine to accompany your Brie cheese.

Whether you’re planning a cozy evening at home or hosting a gathering with friends, finding the right wine can elevate the experience. Pairing Brie cheese with the right wine can create a harmonious balance that enhances the flavors of both the cheese and the wine. Get ready to embark on a delightful journey of flavors and discover the joy of Brie Cheese Wine Pairing.

Brie Cheese Wine Pairing

Key Takeaways:

  • Brie Cheese Wine Pairing can upgrade your wine and cheese night experience.
  • Finding the perfect wine to accompany Brie cheese can create a memorable tasting experience.
  • Brie cheese is a versatile choice for a wide range of wines.
  • Experimenting with different wines can enhance the overall enjoyment of Brie Cheese Wine Pairing.
  • Creating the perfect balance between cheese and wine is key to a successful pairing.

Understanding Brie Cheese

Before we delve into the best wine pairings for Brie cheese, let’s take a closer look at this beloved cheese. Brie cheese is a soft, creamy, and slightly tangy cheese that hails from France. It has a delicate white rind and a rich, buttery interior. The flavor profile of Brie cheese can vary, but it often exhibits nutty and earthy notes. Its creamy texture and mild acidity make it a versatile choice for a wide range of wines.

Brie cheese is typically made from cow’s milk and is known for its smooth and creamy texture. It is a popular cheese for entertaining and is often served as an appetizer or incorporated into dishes such as quiches or omelets.

When selecting Brie cheese for your wine pairing, it’s important to choose a high-quality cheese that is ripe and creamy. Look for a cheese that is soft to the touch and has a slightly pungent aroma. This indicates that the cheese is at the perfect stage for enjoying its full flavor profile.

White Wine Pairings for Brie Cheese

If you’re a white wine lover, you’ll be delighted to discover the perfect Brie cheese wine pairing matches for your taste. Brie cheese is a versatile cheese that complements many white wine varieties, with each creating a unique taste experience.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a great match for Brie cheese. The wine’s crisp citrus flavors contrast the creaminess of Brie and offer a refreshing taste experience. The herbal notes of Sauvignon Blanc complement the earthy flavors of the cheese, making them a perfect match.


Chardonnay with its buttery and toasty notes is an excellent choice for a Brie pairing. It enhances the creaminess of the cheese and creates a delightful contrast. The fruity and complex flavors of Chardonnay complement the nutty notes of Brie cheese, creating a harmonious balance.


If you prefer a touch of sweetness in your wine, you can go for a Riesling. The wine’s sweetness contrasts with the mild acidity of Brie cheese, creating a taste explosion in your mouth. Riesling also has a fruity taste that complements the nutty and earthy notes of Brie, making it an excellent choice for Brie cheese lovers.

Explore these wine pairings to elevate your Brie cheese tasting experience. Let the flavors unfold and your taste buds enjoy the perfect balance between the cheese and the wine.

Red Wine Pairings for Brie Cheese

Brie cheese doesn’t just go well with white wine. It can also be paired with red wine, and one of the best options is Pinot Noir. This light-bodied red wine can enhance the nutty and earthy flavors of Brie cheese without overpowering its delicate characteristics.

The fruity and elegant profile of Pinot Noir creates a harmonious balance with the creaminess of Brie. Its low tannin content and high acidity make it a perfect match for the cheese’s texture and mild acidity.

La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot NoirLa CremaSonoma Coast, California$25
Erath Pinot NoirErath WineryWillamette Valley, Oregon$19
Meiomi Pinot NoirMeiomi WinesCentral Coast, California$22

If you’re looking for a red wine to pair with Brie cheese, Pinot Noir is an excellent option. Its light, fruity, and elegant profile can enhance the nutty and earthy flavors of Brie cheese while also creating a harmonious balance with its creaminess. So, uncork a bottle, and enjoy a perfect red wine pairing with your favorite Brie cheese.

Sparkling Wine and Champagne Pairings for Brie Cheese

If you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your wine and cheese night, consider pairing your Brie cheese with some sparkling wine or champagne. Not only are they perfect for toasting, but they also make a delightful accompaniment to the creaminess of Brie cheese. The effervescence and crispness of these wines cut through the richness of the cheese, creating a balanced and refreshing tasting experience.

When it comes to choosing the right sparkling wine or champagne for your Brie cheese, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Pairing by Sweetness

Matching the sweetness levels of your wine and cheese can help create a harmonious balance of flavors. If your Brie is on the sweeter side, consider pairing it with a demi-sec champagne or sparkling wine. If you prefer a drier cheese, a brut or extra brut champagne can offer a perfect balance.

Pairing by Region

Matching the region of your wine and cheese can create an authentic and complementary pairing. For instance, pairing a French Brie cheese with a French champagne can create a seamless and authentic tasting experience. However, don’t be afraid to experiment and try different wine and cheese combinations from different regions. You never know what unique flavor profiles you may discover!

Here are some popular sparkling wine and champagne options that pair exceptionally well with Brie cheese:

Wine TypeWine NameRegionFlavor Profile
Brut ChampagneMoët & Chandon Brut ImpérialChampagne, FranceRich, toasty, with hints of citrus and green apple.
Blanc de BlancsDomaine Carneros BrutCarneros, CaliforniaCrisp, light, and refreshing, with flavors of lemon and green apple.
Extra BrutGruet Blanc de NoirsNew Mexico, USADry, crisp, and refreshing, with flavors of raspberry and grapefruit.

Next time you’re planning a special evening with friends or loved ones, consider a Brie cheese and sparkling wine pairing to add an extra touch of elegance and indulgence. Cheers!

Pairing Brie Cheese with Accompaniments

Looking for the perfect appetizer to serve at your next gathering? Want to upgrade your cheese board game? Look no further than Brie cheese. This soft, creamy cheese pairs perfectly with a variety of accompaniments, whether you’re looking for something savory or sweet.


Charcuterie is a fancy word for cured meats, and it pairs beautifully with Brie cheese. Consider a variety of meats like prosciutto, salami, and ham to add some protein to your cheese plate. Arrange the meats in a visually pleasing way, and your guests will be impressed before they even take a bite.

Crackers and Bread

Crackers and bread are the perfect vehicles for enjoying your Brie cheese. Go for something with a little crunch, like water crackers or baguette slices. This will add some texture to your cheese plate and make each bite more interesting.


Nuts make an excellent addition to any cheese plate. Try pairing Brie cheese with roasted almonds or walnuts for a nutty flavor that complements the creaminess of the cheese.

Apples and Grapes

For a touch of sweetness, consider pairing Brie cheese with apples and grapes. The natural sweetness of the fruit will balance out the tanginess of the cheese, creating a delightful combination of flavors.


Looking for a unique dessert idea? Brie cheese can be transformed into a sweet treat with the addition of honey, figs, or jam. Spread these accompaniments on top of the cheese and serve with crackers or bread for a delicious and unexpected dessert.

Whether you’re serving Brie cheese as an appetizer, incorporating it into a dessert, or enjoying it as a standalone snack, pairing it with charcuterie, crackers, nuts, bread, or fruit can take the experience to the next level. Get creative with your pairings and see what flavors work best for you. Your guests will thank you for the delightful and delicious spread.

Finding the Perfect Balance

When it comes to pairing Brie cheese with wine, finding the perfect balance is crucial. You want to select a wine that complements the flavors of the cheese, either by offering complementary flavor profiles or creating a delightful contrast. Consider the intensity, texture, body, sweetness, and dryness of both the cheese and the wine to ensure a harmonious pairing that enhances the overall enjoyment.

Tip: A general rule of thumb is that pairings work best when they have a similar intensity level. For example, a light-bodied wine pairs well with a delicate cheese, while a full-bodied wine is a better match for a bolder cheese.

To achieve complementary flavors, look for wines with similar tasting notes to the cheese. For example, the nutty and earthy flavors of Brie cheese can be paired with a red wine like Pinot Noir, which also has notes of earthiness. Similarly, Chardonnay has buttery and toasty notes that complement the creamy texture of Brie.

If you’re looking for a contrasting pairing, try a wine that has contrasting flavors to the cheese. For instance, a spicy Zinfandel can be a perfect match for Brie cheese, as the spice and fruitiness contrast with the smoothness and creaminess of the cheese.

The Art of Wine Tasting

When it comes to enjoying a good wine and cheese pairing, understanding the art of wine tasting is essential. Paying attention to certain elements such as tannins, bouquet, and finish can help you appreciate the unique characteristics of each wine and how it complements the flavors of Brie cheese. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your wine and cheese tasting experience.

Examining the Wine

Before you take your first sip, take a few moments to examine the wine visually. Observe the color, clarity, and viscosity of the wine. Swirl the glass gently to release the wine’s aroma and take note of its intensity.

Analyzing the Bouquet

The aroma of a wine, also known as its bouquet, can give you valuable insight into its flavor profile. To analyze the bouquet, take a deep sniff of the wine and identify any fruit, floral, or spice notes that you detect. Does the wine have a subtle or intense aroma? Is it fruity or earthy?

Tasting the Wine

When you take your first sip of wine, let it roll around your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. Observe the wine’s body and texture – is it light or full-bodied? Smooth or tannic? Take note of the wine’s flavor profile – is it sweet or dry? Does it have any fruity, floral, or spicy notes?

Assessing the Finish

After you swallow the wine, pay attention to its finish. Does the flavor linger for a while or dissipate quickly? Do you taste any additional notes on the finish?

Pairing Wine with Brie Cheese

When pairing wine with Brie cheese, it’s important to consider the wine’s tannins, acidity, and sweetness. A wine with high tannins, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon, can overpower the delicate flavors of Brie cheese. Instead, opt for a wine with lower tannins and higher acidity, such as a Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc. A slightly sweet wine, such as a Riesling, can also be a great pairing option.


Now that you have explored the world of Brie Cheese Wine Pairing, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice. Remember to find the perfect balance between the wine and cheese, whether you’re opting for a white, red, or sparkling wine.

Enhance your tasting experience by pairing Brie cheese with a variety of accompaniments, such as charcuterie, crackers, nuts, or bread. Experiment with different wine varietals and take note of their flavors, tannins, and finish.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to hosting the ultimate wine and cheese night. So, grab a bottle of your favorite wine, uncork it, and pair it with some scrumptious Brie cheese. Cheers!