5 Top Mandoline Slicer Reviews: Make The Right Choice!

When it comes to slicing, dicing, cutting, julienning and every other such requirements in the kitchen, most of us tend to lack the skill, the practice, the time or the sheer patience to manage it. After all, not all of us went to cookery school, did we? But then, we all love to have perfectly sliced vegetables in our food. Because when everything is sliced right it cooks better and it looks better! And today we are going to give you the secret shortcut to perfectly sliced fruits and veggies – a mandoline! We recommend you get one – and to help you with that, we have here a number of mandoline slicer reviews. See for yourself before you make the choice!

Now let’s take a look at each of these individually…

Swissmar Borner V Power Mandoline, V-7000

This first mandoline we are featuring is manufactured in Germany and made from ABS plastic, so you can rest assured while using it. As you know German made blades are usually the best and you can expect the same from this set as well. As for the other things that make this a must’ve:

  • Since it disassembles, it is extremely easy to clean.
  • The blades being very sharp, you can use it to slice just about anything – including soft veggies like tomatoes!
  • The stainless steel prongs ensure that the vegetable stays firmly fixed to the food holder.
  • The design is such that whether you are left-handed or right-handed you can use it with equal ease.

This is a very good mandoline and makes it to the top of our recommendations list. And of course we must mention that it has already been reviewed by 296 people already and most have given favorable testimonials.

So if you want to go with our advice and get it, you need only check out Amazon.

Swissmar Borner V Power Mandoline, V-7000

But if you want another option, we have 4 others coming up!

OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

Another mandoline with a V-shaped blade. In fact, the blades when not in use actually fit in a compartment right under the mandoline! Therefore you do not have the risk of misplacing them or a kid hurting their hand on one.

  • The blades are of course detachable and need to be cleaned by hand. But the entire framework can just as easily be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Again, very sharp blades, so be it tomatoes, onions or even potatoes, this mandoline makes small work of them.
  • Comes with a depth adjuster at the side using which you can determine how thick or thin the slices will be. For additional effects of to get fried or juliennes, you just need to change the blade.
  • The surface is textured so the vegetables and fruits do not stick to it.

If you think this is a better bet for your kitchen then you can of course check out the 415 reviews at Amazon for more information.

Now for our third option…

Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer

This is a Japanese made mandoline. And the Japanese surely know their slicing! So you can safely expect great performance from this unit. In fact, it is often seen as the best mandoline  by far available on Amazon right now. Let’s check out a few more details:

  • This one also comes with a hassle free detachable blade making clean up a breeze.
  • The Japanese made blade is so sharp that you can even cut radish into see through daikon strips using this slicer! And that’s saying something…
  • It comes with a depth adjuster knob that allows you to set a custom thickness instead to pre-fixed levels.
  • Comes with a variety of blades that make it easy to get a variety of different cuts using the same instrument.

We recommend this highly and if you agree with us, then you may want to check out the shipping details at Amazon.

Now for our  4th product, this one is a little different…

Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Vegetable Slicer

This one isn’t a mandoline per say – it is more of a spiralizer that gives you a variety of different cuts. So far as such machines go, this one is quite a good one. And if you want to be making vegetable and fruit noodles along with finely slicing them, then this one can serve your purpose very well.

  • Like the mandolines, this one too can be taken apart and cleaned easily.
  • The blades included are pretty sharp and make perfect cuts each time!
  • There is no depth adjuster, but using the different blades you can choose between ribbons, noodles or flat noodles.
  • You don’t need to manually pass the veggie over the blades, you only need to turn the level and the veggie moves through the blade, protecting your hands.

If you want a spiralizer cum slicer, then this is the one we recommend. And for this one too, you will need to go to Amazon.

And finally for our last product…

Benriner Slicer with Collection Tray

Yes, you’ve seen this one before – the mandoline has already been featured. And it is the best. But here is a bonus to be had for just a few dollars more! And that is the collection tray:

  • It ensures all your veggies stay together.
  • The tray also comes with a good grater, so you can use it for that as well!
  • Because the collection tray is of a certain height and at an angle, you can slice much more easily using it.
  • And the price isn’t much higher and you get quite a big plus here.

To get this too, you need to check out Amazon.

So here were out 5 top mandoline slicer reviews. We’ve given you the basics, but all the other info as well as the personal customer reviews are all on Amazon waiting for you. WE suggest you do your research well. But once that’s done, don’t forget to order the best.