4 No-Nonsense Waffle Iron Reviews

Waffles are the ultimate fast-break breakfast treats that no family would dare say no. Kids love it for its fluffiness and it’s easier to chew, too! When thinking of giving them a daily treat then, you might need some ideas on what waffle iron to buy. With the hundreds of waffle makers available these days, […] Read more »

Get That Perfect Salsa With The Best Tomato Dicer In Town!

Best tomato Dicer for salsa? I have spent hours and hours on the Internet to find the best tomato dicer that will make perfect tomato cubes. Yes I’m finicky about it. Many people don’t know the difference between salsa and salsa fresco (Pico de Gallo). While salsa is mostly cooked and soup like, actual salsa […] Read more »

Blooming Onion Cutter – 2 Great Options Just For You!

Did you know that cutting onions is one of the most difficult things in the kitchen? Getting the shape and the thickness just right while your eyes water is pretty much next to impossible. But then sometimes you want to make appetizers with onions that will wow your guests and your family too… and it […] Read more »

The Best Bread Slicer For That Perfect Slice Of Toast!

When it comes to slicing bread, the common problems we often face are...either the loaves tend to crumble, or we end up with slices that aren’t uniform. In both cases, the result is always less than satisfactory! And that is why most people choose to get a bread slicer. But we can tell you that […] Read more »